Sunday, July 30, 2006

The C Channel

The C Channel is building a multi-interest website that brings together 3 distinct sites - Travel, Shopping and Weddings. Each one features articles, destination profiles, vendor profiles and a whole load of new tools to attract a global audience. This includes the still young Travel Forum, and the Wedding Agenda, a promising tool that will be completely free and is due out in late 2006.

The C Channel network has also recently introduced The C Directories, 5 user-friendly directories of websites, blogs, online retailers and other sites categorized under thousands of differnet subjects. Only a month old, it attracts new registrations every day of eBusinesses eager to become part of The C Channel Network. For example, in our Tools for webmasters directory, we have a regular stream of new articles in different categories for you. We also provide links to some of the best SEO sites online such as SEO and Internet Marketing, The Webmaster SEO Blog and SEO Ireland. Plus, there's links to some of the best tools for webmasters, like Cheap domain register, Cheap domain hosting, and Webhost advisor.

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Blogging for Everyone

Blogging gets bigger and bigger by the day, if you can think of it, someone's blogging it. Technology related blogs are probably pretty high up there in the blog topic list, as well as finance-related blogs, travel blogs, and even food blogs. Some of the best blogs on the web come out of an interest of the writer, something that they are passionate about. The worst of blogs generally exist as a lame attempt to make some money off adsense, which many kindly refer to as MFA (Made For Adsense) blogs.

Apparently a lot of people like to blog about cats, their cats and cats in general. Those are called "cat blogs", and they're a pretty popular niche market. The crazy old cat ladies of the world are apparently now blogging about their furry feline friends.

Car blogs are also pretty popular. Got a love for Mustangs? Why not blog about it? Surely there are other fans out there that would have an interest in your writing.

Just as food blogs are big, so are diet blogs. Some blog about their dieting experiences, and give tips to others also trying to lose weight. Others may give you information about all of the latest fad diets.

So if you are looking to start a new blog but don't know what to write about, make a list of your interests. Then, figure out which of those you are the most passionate about and write about it. The more you enjoy what you are doing, the more likely that your enthusiasm and expertise is to come off well to your readers.

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Travel Blog

Travel blogs are really popular right now, although finding a good travel blog is a bit harder than you'd think. One travel blog that I would recommend is Travel Rants.

Travel Rants is a great blog written by Darren from the UK. He's done some significant traveling, and has some excellent information to share with you. He's visited Australia, Malaysia, Czech Republic, Belgium, Canary Islands, Holland, Ireland, Spain, and other wonderful places around the world. It is also a great blog to visit for travel related news.

So don't delay, check it out today!

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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Athlete Trying to Get to the Olympics

Brandon Rowe, 23 year old amateur runner living in Philadelphia, is trying to make it to the Olympics. To fund his endeavours, he has started an online experiment to see how much he can sell 100 links on his website for. As of a couple days ago, he has sold 148 links at $223.35. The homepage features 100 links sold auction style. As new links are added, the lowest bid links fall off the homepage.

To learn more, visit his website at

Warning: Don't Translate Books and Post them on Blogger

One guy took it upon himself to translate an entire book, “L’Identité” by Milan Kundera, into Czech. He then posted the translation to his Blogger blog. Google received notification of copyright infringement and then took down the site. However, the translation is still available online at a Russian website.

Source: Google Blogoscoped is great

I've been using for the past week or so, and I have found it to be an effective way to earn some additional money. There are a range of fees that advertisers are willing to pay, anywhere from $2.50 up to $25.00. Well, $25 is the highest I've seen offered yet, but maybe in the future someone will offer more than that. It's really easy to do, and I recommend it to anyone who's looking o make a few extra bucks doing something that they already do - blog!

There are new opportunities everyday for you to blog about. I've been blogging so much lately I've been having dreams. :P Now I just can't wait for my first PayPal deposit from PayPerPost. :)

Blogger Turns Paper Clip into a House

Surely you've heard the story already, but if you haven't, check it out:

Cool Computer/Electronics Tutorial Site

Check out for a wide variety of tutorials for electronics and computer related things. For example, there is a tutorial for the Apple Video iPod. In the tutorial they give you a review, as well as various prices and links to those sites.

Check it out!

Blogs as Omnipresent as Reality TV?

According to ComScore Media Metrix, blogs are not only mainstream, but they are becoming as omnipresent as reality tv. ComScore reports that blog traffic continues to increase, up 56% in the past year to 58.7 million visitors, which represents 34% of the total internet audience.

Young people are amongst the most likely to visit blogs, with those in the 12 to 17 range 21% more likely to view them. However, the trend does seem to be catching on with older populations.

Blog visits also have a tendancy to come from higher income households. Those with an annual income of at least $75,000 are 8% more likely to read blogs.

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High-cost PPC Keywords - Mesothelioma

One of the most expensive keywords in Yahoo/Overture is Mesothelioma. Why? What is Mesothelioma?

Mesothelioma is one of the deadliest diseases on earth. From the time a person is diagnosed, they usually don't live past 24 months. It affects 3,000 in the US each year. It is caused by Asbestos, or more specifically by inhaling particles of asbestos degrades, which eats away at the lining of your lungs and causes one of the most deadly forms of cancer.

Many lawsuits are underway regarding asbestos in the workplace. Mesothelioma is completely preventable.

The Mesothelioma keyword is highly coveted by lawyers who are willing to pay out big money for PPC advertising because they know that they can in turn win alot more by taking on a Mesothelioma case.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Check Out This Video

Don't laugh too hard now..... :)

Need to get your laptop repaired?

If you're looking for someone to do your laptop repairs, why not try Raleigh Laptop Repair? They research, develop, and provide unique laptop repair solutions. These certified professionals have serviced thousands of laptops for end-users, businesses, and resellers. If you need laptop power jack repair, they are definitely the experts to handle the job.

Google Related Blog

If any of you are ever interested in finding out the latest Google news, check out my Google Librarian blog. I try to post all the breaking Google news there. :)

Internet Marketing Podcasts

Are you a hip internet marketer? Do you listen to podcasts? Then check out, and check out a few of their awesome podcasts. The topics they have covered thus far are thought-provoking and insightful. In the future I hope that they will do more podcasts on monetizing your site or blog, and more information about effective ways to drive traffic to your site.

Great job guys! Keep it up!

Search Engine Optimization and Blogs

Seach engine optimization, aka SEO, remains to be a very hot webmaster topic. What is search engine optimization? Well, SEO is a marketing technique of preparing a website to enhance its chances of being ranked in the top results of a search engine once a relevant search is undertaken. A number of factors are important when optimising a website, including the content and structure of the website's copy and page layout, the HTML meta-tags and the submission process.

If you want your website to have a fighting chance in the search engine results pages, you must learn even the most basic SEO techniques. Links and anchor text are also other very important factors in SEO.

So where can you to learn SEO techniques, and the latest SEO news? Why not check out some SEO-related blogs. Link-related sites are also very beneficial. So do a search on Google or your favorite search engine for the term "seo blog", and you're sure to come up with some great results. But if you're lazy, check out the list below of some great sites to check out:

Sunday, July 16, 2006

Great Quotes Website

Looking for online quotes? Check out Quotable Quotes at Online Discount Mart. They have a large selection of quotable quotes ranging from the inspirational, intellectual, and comical, to the thoughtful and those that are just plain weird!

They have quotes organized by topics, such as baby quotes, love quotes, holiday quotes, Bible quotes, motivational quotes, inspirational quotes and more!

“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” Lao-Tsu

“Our perfect companions never have fewer than four feet.” Colette

It's a Scorcher!

Man is it hot out there today! I bought a new a/c today, so thankfully its starting to cool down a bit in here, but its still a sauna outside.

Here's to hoping for cooler weather!

Computer Monitoring Software

Whether you are using a computer at home, work, school, or at the library, there's a good chance that you're activities, especially online ones, are being monitored. Before you panic, rest assured that most of the time, monitoring is not enacted to watch every single thing you do. Rather, it is to protect children, or protect the interests of a company.

Monitoring employees is one of the most common uses of internet monitoring software. Companies often times have guidelines and policies regarding the use of internet at work. Many may log what everyone does, but a human does not look at it until "something happens" that would give them reason to look at the logs. Other times, companies may closely monitor, and those who are caught violating company policy are reprimanded. While answering work-related emails and using the internet as needed for your job is appropriate, using it to chat or bid on eBay most times is unacceptable. It interferes with productivity.

Parents may also be interested in using monitoring software to protect the safety of their children. By knowing what sites they visit, or who they are chatting with, parents can make sure that their children aren't involved in questionable online activity and protect them from online predators.

One company that produces quality computer monitoring software is SpectorSoft. I recommend them highly.

YouTube Number One Video Site on the Net

YouTube is now officially the number one video site on the net, with users watching over 100 million videos per day. YouTube also accounts for 60% of all videos watched online, and 29% of the US multimedia entertainment market.

The site specializes in short 2 to 3 minute home made videos. Most of them are comic in nature, and are played as comic relief at work and at home.

In June alone 2.5 billion videos were watched on YouTube, with an average of 65,000 new videos uploaded daily. Additionally, YouTube receives 20 million unique visitors per month.

Comparably, News Corps' MySpace captures just 19% of the multimedia market, and Yahoo, Google, and MSN each have 3% to 5% of the video search market.

Interestingly, for all the videos served up by YouTube, the company is run by a mere 30 employees.

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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Get a Glimpse into the Future

Want to get an idea of what your favorite tech companies are up to, or what they may be up to in the future? Then check out their patents. Looking at a company's latest approved patents can give you a glimpse into their secretative worlds, and give you more fun things to speculate about.

Instead of scouring the web, you can come to one place - Latest Patents. Latest Patents is updated daily with all of the latest approved patents for the world's leading technology companies, including those such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Canon, Apple, and more.

The site lists what patent the company filed, gives a brief summary of the patent, and links you to the actual patent filing with the government. Check it out, its really interesting!

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Friday, July 14, 2006

Canadian Domains are Hot

Canada's top level domain (TLD), the .ca extension, has seen an unprecedented number of sales in 2006. In fact, Canadian domains are so hot, that they've recently outpaced the .us TLD. For those who have invested in quality .ca domains, the time may be here when those investments finally pay off.

The number of .ca domains sold over the past three years has doubled each year, however, .us domain sales have also been on the increase, although at a slower pace than the .ca domains.

What is the cause for the increase in .ca and .us domain sales? The increasingly unavailability of premium .com and .net domains has caused webmasters to take the alternate TLDs more seriously. Businesses are also beginning to target the Canadian demographic, and feel the best way to do this is with .ca versions of their websites.

The demand for .ca and .us domains shows no signs of slowing down, and for those who like to invest in domains, this is an excellent opportunity to start grabbing up premium domains.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Great Site to Find New Music is a great site to discover new music, and enjoy music that you already know and love. I'm not sure if I've mentioned this site here yet or not, but its really cool. What you do is you give them an artist or song that you like, and then based on scientific research, they will give you music back that includes the artist or song you like, as well as other similiar artists.

How do they find out what kind of music you might like? Well, they use the results from the Music Genome project, which has polled thousands and thousands of people around the world about their musical tastes. Through research, they have been able to determine what kinds of music one MIGHT like if they like one kind of music, or a certain artist.

There are some really great results that come up and I am very pleased with the service thus far. Some of the artists I've discovered on there I might not have ever heard of before. Oh, and there's one more cool thing about Pandora, as you are listening to the music, you'll give a picture of the album cover. If you click the cover you'll be taken to Amazon where you can actually buy the cd.

If you haven't checked it out already, make sure you do! You'll love it.

The Blogger Challenge

It's still going on, and by my estimations it should be finishing up sometime next month. I'm not sure of the exact date, however. Look out for a flurry of new posts on this blog as I strive to catch up.