Saturday, July 15, 2006

Get a Glimpse into the Future

Want to get an idea of what your favorite tech companies are up to, or what they may be up to in the future? Then check out their patents. Looking at a company's latest approved patents can give you a glimpse into their secretative worlds, and give you more fun things to speculate about.

Instead of scouring the web, you can come to one place - Latest Patents. Latest Patents is updated daily with all of the latest approved patents for the world's leading technology companies, including those such as Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Canon, Apple, and more.

The site lists what patent the company filed, gives a brief summary of the patent, and links you to the actual patent filing with the government. Check it out, its really interesting!

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At 4:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think what interests me more than product patents is the new upstarts and the direction they are taking the internet. Yahoo, Google, and the like all came from somewhere and as the industry changes so does the kind of upstarts we see who will equal the greats that we have today.

For example, Daylight Distribution is a company that is wanting to corner the game market. To put things into perspective, their web footprint is not very refined at the moment but it is their vision that catches my attention.

This company is into demographic marketing which is much different than the niche marketing we have seen for so long. They have a string of sites offering resources such as game development tools, game downloads, game development, Pc computers and more.

Companies like this remind me of Best Buy and Future Shop from the offline world. They went broad but stayed in a definable demographic.

Daylights sites are:

They also plan on coming out with a site for an mmorpg they are currently making.

Are companies like this going to rival the big boys? My hunch is that it will take a while for them to get their identity worked out but after that - why not?

More than Patents I would keep my eyes on the new upstarts. Maybe Daylight will make a big splash in a few years and maybe not but someone will and I am rather sure that they will do so by diverse offerings that are demograhically selected.

At 2:04 AM, Anonymous Gerri said...

The patents links is very interesting! It's almost like getting secret information. Thanks for posting it!


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