Thursday, August 31, 2006

Spill the Beans!

Kivinar has created a pretty neat blog at It's not really dedicated to any one topic, which keeps things interesting. It features funny jokes and comics, as well as hilarious photos and videos. If you need a break from the boring stuff, stop by Spill Bean and you're sure to have a fun time!

Let's Have a..... BlogParty!

BlogParty is another creation from the mind of Mike Dammann, which brings together all different kinds of blogging resources in one convenient place. From blogging forums to blog news to blog advertising, you can find all the information you are looking for here.

Currently, BlogParty is on a hunt for the world's best blog. Help them out and nominate your choice for world's best blog.

Frog Engine Internet Marketing Blog

Mike Dammann blogs on so many different sites, I can't even begin to keep track of him. One of his most notable ventures, however, is the Frog Engine Internet Marketing Blog, in which he shares his decade's worth of internet marketing knowledge and expertise. He also keeps his readers informed of the latest contests, directory news, and general internet marketing topics. If you're looking to keep tabs on the industry and learn some worthwhile tips, check out Mike's blog. It's worth the time.

Irish Culture Blog

Located at , the Irish Culture Blog is a great blog to read if you are interested in Irish news, culture, trivia and more. Get in touch with your Irish roots on more than just St. Patty's Day!

I've learned some pretty neat things by reading it, and I am sure that you will as well. So go on, check it out!