Sunday, July 16, 2006

Computer Monitoring Software

Whether you are using a computer at home, work, school, or at the library, there's a good chance that you're activities, especially online ones, are being monitored. Before you panic, rest assured that most of the time, monitoring is not enacted to watch every single thing you do. Rather, it is to protect children, or protect the interests of a company.

Monitoring employees is one of the most common uses of internet monitoring software. Companies often times have guidelines and policies regarding the use of internet at work. Many may log what everyone does, but a human does not look at it until "something happens" that would give them reason to look at the logs. Other times, companies may closely monitor, and those who are caught violating company policy are reprimanded. While answering work-related emails and using the internet as needed for your job is appropriate, using it to chat or bid on eBay most times is unacceptable. It interferes with productivity.

Parents may also be interested in using monitoring software to protect the safety of their children. By knowing what sites they visit, or who they are chatting with, parents can make sure that their children aren't involved in questionable online activity and protect them from online predators.

One company that produces quality computer monitoring software is SpectorSoft. I recommend them highly.


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