Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Broken West on myspace

Los Angeles-based five-piece rock group lists Spinal Tap, George Harrison and ‘70s rockers Unicorn as their main influences, but these ears detect more of a Replacements/Velvet Underground vibe, minus the Mats’ drunkenness and the VU’s sometimes wiggy lyrical content. Well crafted songs with plenty of hooks and an unexpectedly prominent organ result in a sound that should be welcomed by pop-loving tweens, their older siblings, and (maybe) even their parents. A band that with the right push could make something of itself.

Myspace users will be happy to know that now you can put your favorite YouTube videos on your MySpace profile. You can organize them in a playlist and update them without having to edit your profile again. Head to MyTubeX and make the rest of your MySpace friends jealous!


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