Saturday, January 20, 2007

Getting married the Shilpa way

Firstly, and in case you are not familiar with the name, Shilpa is one of the contestants in the UK's version of Celebrity Big Brother. I'm not a viewer, but I couldn't help myself this week, whatwith all the furore in the media, and had a peak. I couldn't care less for the events in the house, or the quarrels. They're just mindless morons talking to eachother. But did you get a glimpse of Shilpa's sarees? Aren't her sarees wonderful?

I've always loved sarees. They are so glamourous, feminine and stunning. Now imagine a white or peal-coloured saree, adorned with silver or golden threads on the tips. That would make a divine wedding dress, woudnd't it?

Unfortunately, its no longer original. Brides everywhere are making a dash to the local Indian tailor for saree-style wedding dresses because they make simply the most feminine gowns. And there's so many different materials to choose from that you're sure to cause astonishment.

Talk to your make up artist, and discuss all the wonderful accessories and style of jewellery that go with a saree. The choice is endless.


Marcell, Australia's leader in wedding makeup is a great place to start at. And even if you're not in the old Oz, you'll benefit greatly from reading up their makeup tips.


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