Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The $100 business plan


So webmasters won't make a run for one, but I predict a rush for the $100 laptop. Its something new, and we all love anything new. Kids will want one, and parents will want them to have one - or at least they should. Because, while a teen in Africa finds it hard to access quality education and information, teens in the West, who have it all, are growing into ripe old vegetables.

I believe the $100 laptop will give these young sofa-decorations something new to gawk at. Probably not powerful enough compete with the Sony's Playstation, but the built-in wireless and video conferencing tools are 2 of the enticers that come with this new wind-up gadget that is indeed an inspiring invention. Stay-tuned for the solar-powered laptop.

But like everything else in our world, it has everyone thinking up business plans and strategies on how to make their profit-share from this new venture, originally aimed at giving a better opportunity in life to those who have less of it.

And do you know what the biggest challenge in the project seems to be? Its not teaching young Africans to work with a computer. And its not building it either. The problem being faced by the project leaders is cutting supply-chain costs!

Doesn't this say it all about the world we live in?


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