Saturday, January 20, 2007

Another year, another show.

Oh, the Golden Globes were on last week. Bummer!

Ok, so I don't care to watch. Why bother? Few of Tinseltown's big-screen produce is now original and we already know who the winners will be before they're announced - the ones attached to the movie with the biggest budget. No excitement there.

At times, we may take a peak, just in case someone trips on the staircase leading up to the stage, but celebrities are so concentrated on looking amazing that nobody trips. So where's the entertainment?

The only point of (slight) interest is the fashion parade. Which fashion designer is elected to dress the most celebrities and which gown will be elected by the critics as the best and the worst?

But then again, we little people can't afford to buy such gowns anyway. So why watch? Its masochism.
If you are really into hurting yourself, then you can also have a look through the World of Fashion blog and their Fashion Eras section.


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