Tuesday, January 16, 2007

A reason to blog

Portugal is in tatters. The street pavements aren't even apt for sheep to walk on. And yet, as we all complain to eachother in the cafes, nobody is taking any action.

Yesterday, I took another tumble. As always, i don't just fall. As i realise i'm about to land on my face again, I always strive to not fall. The results are always a spectacle, for everyone else of course. As I begin to fall, I offer a sad spectacle to all bystanders of what not to do when you trip. My arms fly up in all directions. My hair clumsily covers my eyes. My bag deposits lipstick and tampons on the pavement, and, inevitably I land on my face. 5 meters away from the place I tripped on in the first place. Skirt over my waist. Brown muck on my white shirt. One shoe lost forever.

I'm sick of being a local joke.


So I am taking action. I am blogging my discontent. (Sigh) And it feels good to be reporting this sad little episode in my life. I imagine opening my blog tomorrow and discoveringa hoarde of sympathetic comments from my readers. Of course, that's not likely. I am one in a billion bloggers on the web. I am not the best writer. And hell, I know I'm not that interesting.

But to me blogging isn't just about being read by millions. There are bloggers who have become famous for voicing a political opinion. There are others who have seen the limelight because of the eloquent way they describe the daily episodes of their regular lives. These bloggers are like the rest of us. People on the bus.

But your blog is your virtual diary for anything and everything you feel like letting others know about your life, dreams and fantasies. And one day, someone will read your blog. Like you or dislike you. It doesn't matter. Your blog is yours.



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