Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Best of Blogs #7: Get Edumacated!

Blog: Get Edumacated!
Author: Chris (aka Zap on v7n)


edumacation: the process by which one becomes edumacated, the achievement of which is generally marked by a gradumacation ceremony. Edumacated people know a lot of things.

The process in which one becomes edumacated generally involves learning important life skills, such as being able to ignore long speeches, essays, lectures and other such nonsense which spouts out of ones mouth. [read more...]

Are you edumacated? What's that you say? NO?! Oh my, well get yourself on over to Chris' blog and Get Edumacated!

The edumacation that you can expect to receive here is far from that typical of traditional schooling. The blog does not have a theme, but rather, it contains the random musings of yet another cool Canadian dude. Peek into Chris' world, and read about his thoughts on the Canadian elections, what really pisses him off, and other juicy tidbits of his existence.

The postings are spontaneous and the writing is excellent, so make sure to subscribe to the feed so you never miss a single rant, rave, review, or announcement.

Congrats on the future addition to the family!


At 12:06 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for the review and the comments, GL!

I've been told I should post more and I'm trying to do that.

I really like this idea of yours and Trapper's. I think I'll have to follow suit.



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