Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Advertise your blog - for FREE!

Rojo recently unveiled a new service - FeedShare -which allows bloggers to advertise their blog on other blogs for FREE. FeedShare seems to have taken several cues from Googles AdWords/AdSense programs.

Bloggers can sign up and create an ad for their blog to be published on other blogs. You pick the keywords that you want your blog ad to be targeted for. Publish your ad, and get ready to start publishing FeedShare ads on your own blog.

To publish FeedShare ads on your own blog, you simply choose which style of ads you would like to display : the 120x240 vertical banner or the 468x60 full banner. Then, select the keywords you would like to target, and copy and paste the resulting code into your blog template.

The resulting ads look quite simliar to AdSense ads. You can view an example here above the newest blog post each day. I've placed it there for maximum exposure. For every impression on your blog, you'll get you'll get a listing on someone else's blog or even on Rojo.com itself. The more traffic you generate on your blog, the more your ad will be seen.

This sounds like a great service to help generate some interest in lesser known blogs. You get relevant targeted blog ads displayed on your blog, and in return get your blog publicized. It's a very community-oriented approach, and I like it.

Read more about FeedShare and sign-up today!


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