Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Best of Blogs #1: LouisWorld

Blog: LouisWorld
URL: http://www.louisworld.ca
Author: Louis Savard


Enter LouisWorld, the online home of none other than Louis Savard, the acclaimed French-Canadian guy from the v7n webmaster forums and motorcycle-journal.com forums.

LouisWorld is written in both French and English, so there is something there for both audiences. I can't read the French that well, but I am sure that those posts are just as entertaining and informative as the English ones.

Louis has a variety of interests, including wine, home renovations, the internet, motorcycles, and more - all of which are reflected on his blog. However, as Louis notes, the blog also contains "whatever I feel like writing/ranting about."

My favorite part of the blog are the wine reviews. They're in French, so I have to go to Google Translate to read it all, but they are very helpful. I'm no wine connoseiur, but when I do decide to buy some, whatever tips and advice I can get are much appreciated.

Cheers to Louis for such a fun and informative blog!


At 5:07 PM, Anonymous Trapper said...

I like Lou's blog. He's a great fella too.

At 9:18 AM, Anonymous Louis said...

I was sure I had previously commented on here... Oh well.

Thanks Julie for the great review!


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