Thursday, March 02, 2006

Blog Communities: 9Rules

John Scott's $10,000 Blog Challenge posting got me thinking about the blogging community, so I started out on a search for established blogging communities online. Then I got sidetracked and started looking up web design related blogs, and came across SmileyCat. I really liked the design of this blog - the colors are nice, has a nice layout, it's easy to read, and so on. Then I saw a logo on there that said "Proud Member - 9Rules Network", and thought hmm...I wonder what 9Rules is. So I clicked....

As I soon found out, 9Rules is an elite community of bloggers. The 9Rules About page explains it a little better:

"The 9rules Network is a community of the best weblogs in the world on a variety of topics. We started 9rules to give passionate writers more exposure and to help readers find great blogs on their favorite subjects. It’s difficult to find sites worth returning to, so 9rules brings together the very best of the independent web all under one roof."

Serious writers can help eachother get more exposure, and it helps readers by directing them to some "great blogs". Members give eachother tips and advice, share ideas, and send eachother traffic. The little guys get a fighting chance. Getting into the "club" is a bit tricky, however. Not everyone gets in.

To become a 9Rules member, you must submit your blog during their submission rounds. According to the site, they've had three 24-hour submission rounds already, each garnering hundreds of entrants. So how do they decide who gets in? Basically you have to have an all-around good blog featuring a good design, great content, a passion for your topic, quality writing, and preferably a blog hosted on your own domain (although they said they still consider Blogger sites if they%


At 5:25 PM, Blogger DarkNinja said...

Nice article. I think the 10K challenge is a fun idea. the smiley cat and 9 network is also innovative.

At 1:05 PM, Anonymous Kyle Posey said...

Yeah, the 9rules Network is elite on a small scale. They don't want people who aren't serious about blogging, and I think thats a good thing. I'm a reader of several blogs in the 6rules network, and I am very impressed.

Maybe one day, I'll be a member too :)


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